A big day for us

A big day for us

Today was a big day for us at church as we were officially presented to the congregation of West Oahu Christian Church (WOCC) as the next missionary family they will send into the field.

Pastor Stan presenting us as the next WOCC missionary family.

We received a very gracious introduction by Roberta, the head of the WOCC Missions Committee, where she told an amazing story.  WOCC has close ties to Japan, and we even hold Japanese-language services for our Japanese-speaking members.  Roberta had been feeling discouraged that the church currently does not have much presence in Japan; we have sent missionaries there before but they’ve all come home.  She had been fervently praying that someone else would come forward to serve there.  Four days later — she received a phone call from us that we wanted to go to Japan!  We didn’t even know that this was a particular desire of our church; we were just responding to God’s calling.  It’s amazing how things come together under the Lord’s stewardship.

Today in church, we were given a few minutes to talk about our vision of serving in Japan.  Afterward, Pastor Stan (pictured) blessed our mission and led the church in prayer for us. God is great!

“He who sent me is reliable and what I have heard from Him I will tell the world.” (John 8:26)  This is why we go.

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2 thoughts on “A big day for us

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you and Pen on your blog!
    You will be a blessing in Japan as much as you are a blessing to WOCC!

    1. Stan, thank you so much! You and all the great people at WOCC remain a huge part of this ministry. It would not exist without your help. Please keep those prayers coming our way. 🙂

      Mahalo, John & Pen

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