Ministry By The Numbers

Ministry By The Numbers

Dear friends,

All the numbers are adding up towards our ministry in Japan…

31 — The date I have announced for my retirement: January 31, 2018.

6 — The number of paychecks remaining until my professional career comes to a close. I can’t explain how scary this feels; like jumping into murky waters from a high cliff; you don’t know if the water is deep enough to cushion the fall.

37 — The number of years I have dedicated to serving our country and others. First, as a Naval officer. Currently, as an employee of the U.S. Pacific Command, the largest operational military command in the world.  In between, I have been a defense contractor plus we spent five years in youth ministry in Thailand and Japan.

800 — The dollar amount we are trying to raise in monthly support for this ministry. We are still seeking people who will make pledges to help reach this final goal  month. Anything you can offer will help!

99 — The number of days remaining to meet this financial goal (early March).

The fact that we have set a specific date for retirement makes this all the more real. Our attention is shifting westward to Japan and we’re focused even more on selling our belongings and getting the house wrapped up for our departure. We’re taking advantage of our remaining health benefits to take care of medical, dental & vision needs as this will be harder to do in Japan.

TEAM-Japan considers us “short-term” missionaries which means they need payment of our entire budget ($24,000) before we can leave for Japan. They will accept my Navy retired pay to cover half this amount, but we need your help with the other half. Our remaining shortfall is $700/mo, or $5600 for the full eight months.  The details of our support needs can be found at on our support page here.

Our #1 need is your prayer support.  If you are not already receiving our newsletter, please email us to join or fill in the form at the right.  We’ll be sure to keep you informed of our ministry & prayer needs.  ———>

We know that God is guiding us and we feel confident in His care. With your partnership, this will become a reality. We thank you again for your friendship, prayers & support. We look forward to sharing more with you as things accelerate forward. Mahalo & arigato!

John, Pen & Mele



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